Here is a selection of artistic projects which I have undertaken over the years, some in the way of business, some for family reasons or for my own amusement.
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Below right   An illustration to Lord of the Rings;  on their way southwards to the Crossroads, the hobbits look out over the lowlands of Gondor.

Below   Part of a map of the Roman Empire in the reign of Diocletian (circa A.D. 300), drawn in the style of the late 16th century, which I added to my copy of Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (as I write [October 2004] I am reading this seven-volume work from beginning to end for the seventeenth time).
Left   This invitation was designed in 1998 for the wedding of the late Fred Dibnah, British television personality and enthusiast for 19th-century industry and technology. Mr. Dibnah was originally a steeplejack (demolition expert) - hence the chimney and the scaffolding - and presided over the family firm in Bolton, Lancashire, whose Town Hall clock-tower is shown (by special request) on the cover. The stationery was printed in Bordeaux Red ink on recycled silk ivory material.
Below right   Hand-illuminated title-page, in Italian
Renaissance style, for a testimonial book presented
to the retiring Secretary of the Council for Christians
and Jews, a national organisation for promoting
friendship between the two faiths. The inscription
at the top, in Hebrew and Latin, reads ‘Behold, how
good and sweet it is for brothers to sit together in
Image of dibnah_front_sm.jpg Image of dibnah_interior_sm.jpg Image of lawrence_title_sm.jpg Image of rome_map2.jpg ithilien_large.jpg Image of olivia2.gif
Below   Three designs for tarot cards: Strength, The Moon and The World. The Latin verse inscriptions are my own.
Finally, and altogether irrelevantly (I have got nowhere else to upload them), here are some images of an antique microscope in my possession. Unsigned, but based on the design created in about 1825 by Charles Gould for the London instrument-maker William Cary, this example dates from about 1840. The leather-covered case measures 148 x 104 x 38mm, the body-tube is 98mm long and the assembled height is 240mm. Maximum magnification is about 80 diameters. See the individual images for more details.
cary_gould_01_small.jpg cary_gould_02_small.jpg cary_gould_03_small.jpg cary_gould_04_small.jpg cary_gould_05_small.jpg cary_gould_lenses_small.jpg cary_gould_sliders_small.jpg cary_gould_objective_4.jpg cary_gould_list_2.jpg heromabicus_01.jpg heromabicus_02.jpg